Our Purpose

Our Purpose


Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of law enforcement officers through interdisciplinary collaboration, education, and research. We are committed to identifying opportunities to improve workplace health, access to healthcare, and health outcomes of law enforcement officers, while actively facilitating multifaceted solutions.


We aim to improve law enforcement officer health and wellness through application of a comprehensive, systems-based approach.

Core Values

  1. Collaboration: We recognize that collective efforts across different sectors and disciplines can foster sustainable and effective solutions to complex problems.

  2. Innovation: We strive to create new and improved solutions through application of innovative ideas and processes.

  3. Agility: We aim to be dynamic and responsive to the changing needs and demands of the law enforcement community.

  4. Unmet Needs: We are driven by the challenge of addressing essential, unmet needs and developing appropriate solutions.

  5. Resources for all: Access to resources to improve law enforcement health and wellness should be accessible to all police agencies, regardless of size, demographics, and ability to pay.